ESG data & regulatory trends

ESG Daten & regulatorische Trends

ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) is a significant influencing factor in the financial world. This approach takes environmental, social and governance aspects into account. Investors use ESG criteria to better assess the financial performance of companies. Environmental aspects include environmental impact and resource utilisation. Social factors include employee satisfaction and social responsibility. Governance aspects relate to corporate management and ethical principles. Companies that score favourably in these areas can be more stable and less prone to risk in the long term, which can have a positive impact on financial performance. Investors integrate ESG factors into their valuation models and decision-making processes as they have a measurable impact on financial performance and the long-term value of investments.

ESG Shorts

Our ESG Shorts provide a concise insight into the current regulatory ESG issues that are critical in today's corporate world. With this format, we provide concise and relevant information to help companies adapt to the ever-changing ESG landscape.
ropean ESG Template (EET)
European ESG Template (EET) Version 1.1.2

On 20 December 2023, FinDaTex published the latest version 1.1.2 of the European ESG Template (EET) with 616 data fields.

Aktualisierung der SFDR RTS-Annexe
Update of the SFDR RTS Annexe

On 10 October 2023, the European Commission discussed the further development of the SFDR and ESMA’s proposal from April 2023 to amend the RTS. These changes mainly affect providers of sustainable financial products.

Regulierung von ESG-Rating­agenturen
Regulation of ESG rating agencies

On 15 July 2023, the European Commission presented a draft law to improve ESG ratings in order to increase transparency and validity in investment decisions. The feedback period ended on 1 September 2023. We have summarised the perspectives of two parties affected by the ESG ratings.


ESG data demand: Challenges and solutions for the Financial Industry

Sustainability is an integral part of the financial industry. Both strategic considerations and regulatory requirements necessitate the integration of ESG factors and result in a high demand for corresponding data.
Our whitepaper provides an overview of the regulatory ESG requirements and shows you solutions for obtaining high-quality ESG data to meet your disclosure obligations.

Sustainability at the WM Group:

The topic of sustainability is close to our hearts. Find out here how we as a company are contributing to greater sustainability.
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