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WKN / ISIN Request

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For the allocation of a WKN and DE-ISIN for a bond issue by a German issuer, we need the following information/documents:

  • A copy of a current extract from the commercial register (HRB) of the issuer, including the corporate purpose of the company

  • LEI number (Legal Entity Identifier)

    If you do not yet have a LEI number, you can apply for it here.

  • Postal address of the issuer

  • The complete issuance terms of the bond to be issued, including the name of the custodian and, if applicable, the name of the crypto registry manager.

    If the final terms are not yet available, we need at least the preliminary bond terms.

After receiving these documents, we will review the allocation of an official WKN/ISIN and will inform you of the result promptly.

Please send the required documents to the email address WKN‑ISIN‑Bonds[at]

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