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Besides data feed and online products, WM Datenservice also provides a large number of services for the support of issuers as well as WM customers.

Provision of WM Data

The WM data can be provided in the following 2 formats: XML and VF1. Both formats are generated from EDDy (Enhanced Data Delivery). The VF1 text format is the classic data format in which WM has been providing securities data for many years. Every line begins with a 35 digit record identifier containing all information necessary for the identification of the notification.

Example for VF1:

GDE000CX0DNU3CX0DNU1900000368729 00″GD090 17022016″GD100A 1″GD172 EUR“GD198A SEC“GD198B 3000″GD198C 3101″GD198D W101″GD198E U201″GD198F K301″GD198G ZZZZ“GD200 00081″….

With the new EDDy database WM data can also be supplied in XML structure.

Example for XML:

finObj chgFlag=“i“ idName=“Instrument“ idVal=“2218689603525″ deliveryStatus=“no“ portfolioStatus=“np“>


<id scheme=“ISIN“>DE000A0WKKX2</id>

<id scheme=“WKN“>A0WKKX</id>


<section chgFlag=“i“ idName=“G“ idVal=“900000552281″>


<fld idName=“GD161″>

<datVl chgFlag=“i“>DE</datVl>


<fld idName=“GD209″>

<datVl chgFlag=“i“>7</datVl>


<fld idName=“GD212″>

<datVl chgFlag=“i“>993</datVl>


EDDy has also extended the technical spectrum of data delivery. In both formats it is possible to deliver issue related information. This means only those ISINs ordered will be provided. The ISINs can be ordered in a request file via the existing FTP account. Depending on the individual customer settings, the customer gets the initial load file returned within a few seconds. It is also possible to receive subject specific data, e.g. only in Germany listed shares will be delivered.

Now it is also possible to receive different products in one file. Master data of the GAT product, for example, can now be delivered with data of the IFK product as well as rating data in the same file. The WM documentation provides initial information on the new XML format.

We will gladly provide you with further information. Simply send us an email using our contact formular.

Corporate Action Event Reference (COAF)

WM Datenservice has been commissioned by the SMPG (=Securities Market Practice Group), the DESSUG (=Deutsche SWIFT Securities User Group) and the financial industry, to provide the COAF (= Corporate Action Event Reference) for the German market. The COAF is a worldwide excepted standard for the identification of corporate actions within each national market. The COAFs of the corresponding corporate actions can be downloaded daily as a CSV file (as of the effective date of our 79th Release on 22 February 2016). In addition, a historical monthly file, that includes all the daily files of the month in question, is made available at the end of every month.
Full File

Full file of COAF since 22nd February 2016


FAQs – MiFID Data Provided to Customers by WM Datenservice

The Financial Markets Directive and Regulation MiFID II / MiFIR requires issuers of securities and other financial instruments to provide the market with data regarding target market and cost transparency in a timely manner. WM Datenservice receives this data from the issuers and transmits it to the market participants. Likewise, WM Datenservice is mandated to provide data on PRIIPs. According to the PRIIPs Regulation, the manufacturers of the respective investment product (PRIIPs manufacturers) - including insurance companies, credit institutions, capital management companies (KVG) and investment firms - must prepare KIDs for the financial instruments they issue and make them available to the distributors of PRIIPs ("distributors") as of December 31, 2016. For this purpose, WM Datenservice has set up appropriate interfaces. The FAQ list is intended to be a guide for you and provide answers to questions that may arise in your home.

FAQ MiFID II / PRIIPs - Delivery

Is the content of the MiFID and PRIIPs data reviewed?

Why are MiFID data and/or corrections for inactive products or products that are not yet active not supplied?

What service does WM Datenservice provide with regard to the target market classifications?

What happens if no target market data are supplied?

Why may no target market data be available for certain securities?

Why may it occur that field GD496P (Target Market Source Identifier) of a product is unpopulated?

What it the meaning of a “negative target market”? Why do the values of the target market differ from the values of the negative target market?

Why is no target market data created for insolvent securities?

Can modifications to the security features make changes to the target market information necessary?

How can it be that an ISIN/ a WKN that includes target market data that has been compiled in accordance with the WM guidelines contains a risk indicator (field GD496H)?

What is the difference between the Risk Yield Profile field (GD496M) and the Risk Indicator field (GD496H)?

Why does WM Datenservice classify a specific product as “subject to PRIIPs”?

Why is the "J" identifier and not the “UCITS fund” identifier provided in field GD496A?

Why does the KID identifier GD496C (Current KID (EU) PRIIPS Regulation Available; Manufacturer) not indicate “J“?

What service does WM Datenservice provide with regard to cost transparency?

The product related one-off costs: fields JV001 – Entry Costs (Products with Fair Value), JV002 – Exit Costs (Products with Fair Value) are part of the new cost transparency of MiFID II. Who calculates the entry and exit costs? How and how often are the data calculated?

What is the difference between ex ante and ex post cost transparency data?

FAQ MiFID II / PRIIPs - Transmission

How can MiFID and PRIIPs data be supplied to WM Datenservice?

What is a SFTP access? What’s the procedure like?

Can data be supplied by third parties?

Is it possible to send test data in advance to WM?

Which field contains the issuer number?

Will the successful transmission of a file be confirmed?

Is my IP address relevant for delivery to WM?

How can the processed data be seen?

Is my IP address relevant for transmitting data to WM?

How can cost transparency data ex ante be transmitted to WM Datenservice?

In what format is the cost transparency data ex-post transmitted?

What does “REST interface mean“?

How can already to WM supplied data be corrected or deleted?

How do the three environments of the Rest interface differ from each other?

What kind of status reports are there for the REST interface?

What does the cancellation identifier mean?

How are the supply data for the REST interface structured?

Is it possible to transmit the cost types individually?

Is it also possible to supply negative amounts for cost types?

Is it possible to supply cost transparency data on behalf of third parties?

What signifies the percentage quotation identifier?

Is it possible to transmit complete files on a daily basis?