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SRD II: Shareholder identification and SRD II data

WM Group assists issuers, intermediaries, and service providers in fulfilling their obligations under SRD II/ARUG II. The SRD II or 2nd Shareholder Rights Directive II and its implementation into national German law (ARUG II) grants issuers (service providers) the right to identify their shareholders and obliges intermediaries to participate in this identification process.


At the same time, issuers are obliged to provide information on corporate events, such as general meetings or dividends, to the market in electronically readable form.


WM Hub offers optimal solutions for both aspects of SRD II.


If you have any questions, please contact support@wm-srd-hub.eu or call +49 69 2732 480.


About WM Hub

What information does an SRD II shareholder identification request contain?


Intermediaries must, among others, provide issuers with the following information:

  • Clear identification of the shareholder
  • Name of the shareholder and, if necessary, first name of the shareholder
  • Full address of the shareholder (country code)
  • E-mail address of the shareholder (if available)
  • Type of participation
  • Number of shares held by the shareholder with the responding intermediary
  • Start of the investment
  • Name and clear identification of any third party specified by the shareholder


The WM-SRD-Hub


The services of the WM-SRD-Hub include

  • Receiving and checking the legitimacy of requests from public companies listed on regulated trading venues in Europe
  • Rapid response to requests for shareholder identification and forwarding to relevant intermediaries
  • Secure delivery of the aggregated response files to the receiving listed companies and their service providers

The integrated service is based on the ISO 20022 standard.

Our platform solution under SRD II: the WM Hub

Watch this video to learn how the WM Hub helps emitters to identify their shareholders under SRD II. The WM Hub is user-friendly and processes all data securely and in compliance with the law.

SRD II, which came into force on 3rd September 2020, gives companies listed in the EU with registered and bearer shares, so-called emitters or issuers, the right and the obligation to identify their shareholders within a fixed period of time.


Intermediaries are also obliged to support the issuers in the identification process. However, checking whether the request is legitimate, short response times and the provision of secure transmission paths pose significant challenges. With the WM-SRD-Hub, you get an innovative solution in the form of a digital platform from which all sides benefit.


Right on time for the start of regulation, market participants will be able to meet the requirements of the Shareholders’ Rights Directive in these markets through the WM-SRD-Hub.


After a one-time registration, an authenticity check is performed. Afterwards, issuers or deputy service providers can send requests according to their authorizations. Our forwarding chain extends from the central securities depository to the last intermediary. Responses to identification requests for shareholder data are standardized either manually, by file upload or by feed and transmitted securely to the WM-SRD-Hub.


The platform meets the high regulatory security requirements for processing sensitive data. Highly automated integrated interfaces as well as various input and output formats ensure a high degree of flexibility and straight-through processing. The platform is operated in Germany.

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