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ropean ESG Template (EET)

On 20 December 2023, FinDaTex published the latest version 1.1.2 of the European ESG Template (EET) with 616 data fields. In terms of content, it covers the obligations arising from the Disclosure Regulation, Taxonomy Regulation, MiFID II and Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD).

Changes compared to the previous version

With the latest EET version, two new fields have been created and the filling guidelines for some existing fields the filling guidelines have been changed. The most important changes are shown in the table below:

Content Field Existing Adjustment Following
Scope 1 and 2 THG
Emissions (agregated) 
EET NUM 117 Conditional Optional Relaxation for the fillers
EET NUM 118 Conditional Optional
EET NUM 119 Mandatory Optional
EET NUM 120 Mandatory Optional
Taxonomy gas and nuclear EET NUM 589 – 596 Mandatory / Conditional Conditional, depends if article 8 or 9 Fonds
EET NUM 597 – 614 Mandatory Conditional
PAI Calculation EET NUM 103 n/a Mandatory with the following characteristics:
A = Yearly
Q = Quarterly
M = Monthly
Tougher conditions for fillers
Countries in which investments are made EET NUM 616 n/a Conditional, depending on whether investments are made in countries that violate social regulations
EET NUM 615 and 616 ISO 3166 – 3 ISO 3166 – 2 Change of the format

Further development of the EET

The final report on the SFDR amendment presented by the ESA on 4 December 2023 also proposes updates that affect the EET, among other things. ESMA recommends the implementation of new PAIs with a focus on the environment and society. In addition, a new product category „reduction of greenhouse gas emissions“ is proposed, which should be taken into account in pre-contractual and regular documents. The European Commission will decide within three months whether to endorse the final report.

EET though WM Datenservice

WM Datenservice will include the EET in the data budget due to its high regulatory relevance and will make the EET data available in four customised product solutions. Each EET data point will be mapped one-to-one in these product solutions using a corresponding WM field. 

In a nutshell – our factsheet

Find more information on how to obtain this regulatory relevant ESG data via WM Datenservice in our factsheet.

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