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On 10 October 2023, the European Commission held an information event on the further development of the Disclosure Regulation (SFDR).A key topic was ESMA’s proposal from April 2023, which contains extensive amendments to the annexes of the Reporting Technical Standards (RTS). Completing the RTS annexes is mandatory for many sustainable financial products and poses major challenges for product manufacturers. The data is also mapped in the European ESG Template (EET), which has become the European market standard for the transmission of regulatory ESG data.

Need for customisation

Among other things, the proposal contains amendments to Annexes 2 to 5, which relate to pre-contractual and periodic product information in accordance with SFDR Articles 8 and 9. The amendments are primarily concerned with the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of the financial product. These are currently given less consideration, but the proposal means that product manufacturers are faced with the challenge of collecting more data on this topic.
The requirements for the different product groups differ only marginally and can be seen in the following diagram.

In addition to the new requirements, the design of the annexes has also been revised. The use of colours and icons has been increased in order to visually indicate whether a product is sustainable or not.


No specific timeline was given for the introduction of the new RTS annexes at the information event organised by the EU Commission.Nevertheless, EFAMA has already indicated that it will advocate an implementation period of at least one year after adoption in order not to place too great a burden on product manufacturers. The new RTS annexes are therefore not expected to come into force before 2025.
As already mentioned, the new RTS annexes would affect the EET. WM Datenservice is planning to include the EET data of the product manufacturers in the data budget. If you have specific requirements in this regard, we would be delighted to hear from you. 

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