International Sanctions Monitoring (ISM)

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We carry out thorough checks of all sanctions lists on a daily basis to provide you with a comprehensive basis for your risk management.

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The solution for the international monitoring of sanctions


Stay one step ahead and minimise your risk of compliance violations and financial penalties with our new product International Sanctions Monitoring (ISM).
In the constantly changing landscape of sanctions, it is essential to maintain an overview of sanctioned companies and securities. Otherwise there is a risk of high financial penalties and reputational damage. In recent years, the number and complexity of sanctions has increased significantly, presenting companies with ever greater challenges. From trade restrictions to financial sanctions, the way in which companies operate worldwide is influenced by sanctions.
The effects are complex and can entail considerable risks for companies. In addition to the obvious financial consequences, they can lead to a considerable loss of reputation and impair access to international markets. It is therefore becoming increasingly important to keep abreast of current sanctions. The ability to react quickly and accurately to changes in sanctions lists is crucial to minimise compliance risks and ensure long-term business goals.

Sanctions are a top priority for us and are monitored with particular attention. Our product currently covers all countries affected by the US, EU and UK sanctions regimes. OFAC, as part of the U.S. Department of the Treasury, regularly updates its sanctions list, which currently includes more than 6,000 sanctioned individuals, companies and organisations. Under the CFSP, the European Union has over 30 countries on its sanctions list, with restrictive measures being taken against individuals, companies and governments. In the UK, the OFSI oversees the implementation of financial sanctions and has imposed a significant number of fines since its inception.
This data is mapped with 100 percent of our available financial instruments (more than 3 million). You receive an up-to-date list of sanctioned issuers and financial instruments every trading day. In this way, we support you in reducing regulatory risks. Companies that are subject to these organisations must therefore continuously optimise their compliance strategies in order to identify and manage potential risks. The large number of sanctioned entities makes precise monitoring and adjustment of business practices essential in order to avoid sanctions violations and ensure smooth international business operations.

Focus on the development of sanctions and fines

In recent years, the volume of penalties imposed for violations of sanctions has risen significantly. This is the result of an increased focus on the enforcement of sanctions as well as violations and circumvention of export controls. For example, the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) imposed fines for sanctions violations totalling almost USD 567 million in 2023. That’s more than thirteen times the $71.5 million in fines in 2018. To avoid these penalties and keep up with the latest sanctions, export controls and trade restrictions, companies need access to comprehensive and timely data that enables integrated automated screening of companies and securities.
The precise monitoring of sanctions lists requires almost 100% accuracy. This is almost impossible to achieve without external support. Therefore, proper sanctions monitoring is becoming an essential upgrade for compliance departments to meet legal requirements and minimise financial risks. International Sanctions Monitoring (ISM) offers you a comprehensive solution to meet these challenges. We support you in monitoring sanctioned companies and financial instruments. Receive an updated list of sanctioned companies and financial instruments every trading day and reduce your risk of compliance violations.

Short and to the point – our factsheet on International Sanctions Monitoring

Identifying securities from a sanctioned country or company can be challenging. We compile a daily list of issuers and securities associated with sanctioned countries and companies.


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Stay one step ahead and minimise your
risk of compliance violations and financial penalties
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