WM Data Online

  • Your PC as online interface
  • Access via real-time dialogue
  • Downloadable in standard formats (XML, XLS, CSV)
  • Issue related and/or dynamic monitoring (watch-list) including e-mail push service
  • Available in German and English

Selected segments from the WM-database

A near time web solution for your daily business

WM-DatenOnline provides direct access to the financial database of WM Datenservice via the internet. The focus is on master and maturity data, corporate actions data, general meetings, valuation prices, and issuer information.

WM-DatenOnline is immediately accessible and does not require the installation of additional software; standard programs such as Microsoft Excel, Word, Outlook and an Internet browser are sufficient. The modular structure makes it easy to navigate.
Aside from a low basic price, the charges for WM-DatenOnline are based on actual usage. For the greatest part, the intere-sting functionalities are already included in the basic price.

Functionalities at a glance


  • Instrument, issuer and/or event-related dialogue access via WKN, ISIN, ticker symbol or IBEI
  • Comprehensive search and filter options, such as searching by securities’ descriptions, alpha-bar, or filtering by issuer, securities classification, interest rate, maturity, country of origin, etc.
  • Immediate provision of individual and instrument-specific ad-hoc selections/initial loads
  • Issue related monitoring using the watch-list functionality in connection with an e-mail push service
  • Provision of information in standard formats (CSV, XLS, HTML, XML), either in German or in English


WM-DatenOnline modules

Static Data
Comprehensive master data profile for identification purposes in order, trading and settlement, with details on tax relevance (SteuerrelevanzRisk & Reporting)
Risk & Reporting
Data for the optimisation of risk management and reporting, including FitchRatings
EU Savings Tax Directive
Relevant fields for the implementation of the EU Interest Tax Directive
Prices & Taxation
Uniform valuation prices for portfolio analysis and tax data, determined on a daily basis
Event Calendar
Date planner for income and capital measures
Corporate Actions
Preadvices and detailed processing data on corporate actions
Dynamic Watch-List inclusive
The basic price also includes both our dynamically maintained watch-lists for own and new issues
Own issues
Issuer and instrument specific monitoring of own issues
New Issues
Instrument specific push-service for the monitoring of new issues
Get in touch with us. We are happy to provide you with test data.