VAG Funds (VAG)

  • Standardised data profile
  • Comprehensive coverage

Securities data for reporting purposes as per the Insurance Supervision Act (VAG)

Since 1 January 2003, insurance companies have been obliged to report their holdings of separate trust assets (special and general investment funds) to the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin), pursuant to Section 54(4)No.4 of the Insurance Supervision Act (VAG).
Furthermore, as stipulated in the ordinance of 21 June 2011 as well as circular 4/2011 (VA), capital investment companies are required to prepare a debtor list as well as a special fund report and submit both to the BaFin.
To aid in reporting, a catalogue of reportable items has been developed under the leadership of the Bundesverband Investment und Asset Management e.V. (BVI), in cooperation with BVI member companies and representatives of WM Datenservice.
On the basis of this catalogue, WM Datenservice provides the relevant data to investment fund companies.
Supplemented by information on own holdings, investment fund companies can prepare the reporting forms for insurance companies using the following data profile.
Data supply
The data is provided by way of individual data feeds, the standard profile being supplied as a separate file. Should ratings be of interest, these can be provided in one file per rating agency.

  • The data can be ordered on a complete basis for all issues in the WM database, or
  • on an individual issue basis (in CSV format only)

Technical details

  • Format: Variable Format (VF1) and CSV
  • Delivery: via FTP
  • Frequency: Quarterly or monthly


Scope of delivery

  • WKN / ISIN / security name
  • Fixed income security type as per VAG
  • Bonds as per VAG
  • Shares and profit-sharing rights as per VAG
  • Real property funds, hedge funds, commodity risks, and similar as per VAG
  • Debtor list VAG
  • Special funds VAG