International Sanctions Monitoring (ISM)

• Daily review of sanction lists
• Risk management
• Avoidance of fines and penalties
• Swift identification of sanctioned companies and securities

Stay one step ahead at all times and minimize your risk of compliance breaches and financial penalties with our International Sanctions Monitoring (ISM).

Your Solution for International Sanctions Monitoring

In the constantly evolving landscape of sanctions, it is essential to keep track of sanctioned companies and securities. Failure to do so can result in significant financial penalties and damage to reputation.
Accurate monitoring of sanction lists requires almost 100% precision. Without external support, this task is challenging to manage. Therefore, appropriate sanctions monitoring becomes an indispensable upgrade for compliance departments to meet legal requirements and minimize financial risks.
Our International Sanctions Monitoring (ISM) provides a comprehensive solution to meet these challenges. We assist you in monitoring sanctioned companies and financial instruments. Receive a daily updated list of sanctioned companies and financial instruments, thus reducing your risk of compliance breaches.

Maintain an Overview in the Sanctions Landscape

We keep you informed about the latest developments regarding companies sanctioned by the three major authorities: EU, USA, and UK, including their affiliations with subsidiaries. Our proven methods allow us to seamlessly cross-reference this information with our entire data pool. Stay up-to-date with our International Sanctions Monitoring (ISM) — credible, efficient, and reliable.


International Sanctions Monitoring: Overview of Services

Sanctions are of the utmost priority for us and are closely monitored with special attention. Currently, our International Sanctions Monitoring covers all countries affected by the sanction regimes of the USA, EU, and UK. To achieve this, we continuously examine the key sanction lists (OFAC, CFSP, OFSI). These data are mapped with 100 percent of our available financial instruments (more than 3 million). You receive a daily updated list of sanctioned issuers and financial instruments, aiding you in reducing regulatory risks.

Short and to the point – our Factsheet

Identifying securities from a sanctioned country or company can be challenging. We provide you with a daily list of issuers and securities associated with sanctioned countries and companies.