Investment Fund Characteristics (IFK)

  • Fund features
  • Fee structure
  • Investment focus
  • EUSD-tax data
  • Directive conformity

To support compliance with legal requirements

Whether for the provision in old age or fortune building, the popularity of funds is increasing. WM Datenservice provides comprehensive and high-quality data on funds.

Transparency and decision support


With the Investment Fund Characteristics (IFK), another detail is added to the master data supply of approx. 85,000 funds – providing more transparency in respect of different fund categories and facilitating the selection of the appropriate funds complying with the expectations of the private and institutional investors.

  • Provision of rates and charges, and other characteristics for almost 85,000 funds on a daily basis

The fund data of more than 500 capital investment companies are provided daily.

Due to the close cooperation with the issuers, the data and their amendments are quickly included into the data base of WM Datenservice.


Segments Contents
Identification WKN/ISIN, fund name, capital investment company name
General fund features Funds with capital formation promotion/ right of return, Funds for certified old age provision agreements, capital investment companies with EU passport
Tax data Debt claim ratio (DE, LU, AT, CH) classification of debt securities
Rates and charges Front-end load, administration fee, management fee and deposit fee, TER, min./max. range
Further features Directive conformity, fund assets, hedge fund strategies
  • Minimum investment amount
  • Fee particularities