Master File (GAT)

  • High quality data
  • Extensive data
  • Data for the front, middle, and back office

Comprehensive Reference Data for an Automated Settlement of Transactions

With a focus on the requirements of the market, our Master File is a comprehensive database providing data on approx. 3 million financial instruments.
The Master File provides the essential data required for the settlement of transactions in the front, middle and back office. Its data can be used in the following areas:

  • Controlling
  • Trading
  • Clearing/Settlement
  • Custody
  • Asset management
  • Risk management
  • Research
  • Reporting

The structure of our database allows a detailed depiction of all types of financial instruments.
Besides the data on shares, bonds, and funds, we also pro-vide information on certificates/warrants as well as interest rates, indices, and commodities. In addition, we provide for each instrument the corresponding issuer data and stock exchange data.
The data is provided on each trading day and can be obtained once a day either in the form of an individual data profile or in near real time. In order to avoid having to process all 3 million instruments, the data provision can be customized to only include the ISINs a customer requires.
Upon request, we will gladly provide you with sample data.
Master Data

Segments Contents
Issuer Master Data Addresses, historical data of the issuer, sectors
Instrument Master Data Securities types, interest rates, terms to maturity, currencies, par values, BISTA, AWV, reporting, stock exchanges, custody options, Investro, CFI codes, outstanding/issued units, IPO data, debtor/lender/special call rights, underlying securities


Corporate Actions Data

Segments Contents
Income Distributions, interest payments, dividends, reinvested income
Capital Measures Capital increases, subscription rights, offers for sale, preferential subscrip-tions, subscription offers, stock splits, spinoffs
Conversions Mergers, option terms, conversion rights, consolidations, liquidations, takeover offers, repurchase offers
General Meetings Ordinary/extraordinary general meet-ings, shareholders’ meetings, interim reports, annual press conferences