FAQ Data Maintenance

Every day, WM Datenservice receives numerous customer requests on issues relating to general information on financial instruments, the population of individual data fields or the representations of country-specific practices (e.g. in the processing of corporate events). By analyzing these requests, we were able to identify your specific information needs.

A basis for internal training

The most frequently asked questions are available in the FAQ of WM Datenservice. They are designed to serve as a starting point for all enquiries and can be used as a basis for internal training.

Can replace requests

Referring to the FAQ can replace requests to the Jira Service Desk. In providing these FAQ, we seek to help our customers optimize their processes, increase their efficiency, and thus save costs.

Information Update

In order to offer our customers optimal services at all times, our FAQ are designed to evolve in time and adapt to market changes. They are updated at irregular intervals. Whenever a new FAQ version is available, it will be announced in a corresponding Customer Information.

To Frequently Asked Questions