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You would like to apply for a WKN or ISIN? We are responsible for issuing the German Wertpapier-Kenn-Nummer (WKN), the International Security Identification Number (ISIN) of German issuers, the CFI (Classification of Financial Instruments – ISO 10962) and the FISN (Financial Instrument Short Name – ISO 18774) for all types of financial instruments. Our experienced team ensures the accurate and timely allocation of these identification codes, providing essential reference information for market participants and facilitating the efficient identification and trading of securities.

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Our search function enables you to quickly and easily search for the desired security identification code. Whether you want to verify an ISIN (International Securities Identification Number) or a WKN (Wertpapierkennnummer), or if you are specifically looking for a particular ISIN or WKN, our search engine provides you with a fast and reliable solution.

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Issuer code

WKN and ISIN are assigned according to a specific scheme. Nevertheless, there is the possibility to apply for an issuer code. This stands uniquely and exclusively for an issuer or an issuer group.
The following rules apply to the assignment of the alphanumeric WKN:

  • Valid characters in the alphanumeric WKN are all Arabic numerals (0 – 9) as well as all letters of the German alphabet, with the exception of the letters I and O, in order to avoid confusion with the numbers 1 and 0.
  • Letters are represented exclusively in versal form.
  • The alpha-numeric WKN is basically a non-speaking code.

Information on the requirements as well as the structure and composition of the WKN can be found in the following documents (only in german):