Copyright and liability
WM Securities Register Terms of Use

Herausgebergemeinschaft WERTPAPIER-MITTEILUNGEN Keppler, Lehmann GmbH & Co. KG (referred to as WM Datenservice) is the national securities identification number allocation agent in the German market. As such, WM Datenservice also allocates the ISINs corresponding to the German financial instruments, as per the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Guidelines for ISO Standard 6166.
To apprise the financial markets of the ISINs and the related descriptive data assigned by WM Datenservice pursuant to ISO 6166 (referred to as the ISIN Data), WM Datenservice operates the WM Securities Register (referred to as the Service) in the form of a publicly accessible register.

Terms of Use
Access to the Service and the ISIN Data is contingent upon compliance with the following terms of use, and shall be permitted by way of individual querying by end users only. Automated querying, whether electronic or using macros or similar methods, shall not be permitted.
The Service is intended exclusively for direct internal use by financial institutions within the scope of banking transactions, insofar as which selected ISIN Data may be transferred to customers (eg. by way of transaction vouchers or account statements).
For advanced use, WM Datenservice also provides ISIN Data within the scope of effective downstream products and services facilitating the development and maintenance of financial databases and the support of securities applications.
WM Datenservice shall be entitled to terminate the Service at any time and to make the ISIN Data available to the financial markets in another manner, as well as to adjust the Terms of Use of the Service to current requirements, particularly those arising from ISO 6166. The amended Terms of Use will be published within the Service. Dissenting users shall be entitled to terminate use of the Service, while continued use after adjustment of the Terms of Use shall constitute user consent.

Warranty and Liability
ISIN allocation shall be effected pursuant to ISO 6166 and the corresponding ANNA Guidelines. The descriptive ISIN data provided within the Service are compiled from all types of generally accessible sources, as well as from information provided by financial institutions, clearing houses, issuers, and capital investment companies.
The ISIN allocation and the compilation and provision of the related descriptive data shall be carried out with the greatest possible care. The Service is designed to operate on a 24/7 basis, with maximum availability. Nevertheless, no warranty can be given as to the correctness, timeliness, or completeness of the ISIN Data, nor to the constant availability of the Service—particularly in connection with maintenance work and the availability of the Internet, which WM Datenservice cannot influence. The ISIN Data shall be provided to users ‘as is’ in respect of their type and extent.
Claims for damages against WM Datenservice, its employees, and its vicarious agents shall be excluded unless such damages are caused intentionally or by gross negligence. This shall not apply in the event of a breach of essential terms of this contract. In the event of a slightly negligent breach of essential terms of this contract, such claims will be limited to direct damages reasonably foreseeable at the conclusion of this contract. Liability for any other damages will be excluded.
Warranty claims by the subscriber against WM Datenservice shall be subject to a limitation period of one year from the beginning of the statutory limitation period, unless such claims are based on intentional acts or gross negligence. In the case of slight negligence, liability for damages resulting from a breach of essential terms of the contract shall be subject to statutory limitation provisions.

Additional Legal Terms
Place of performance for the Service is the domicile of WM Datenservice. The use of the Service is governed by and construed in accordance with German law. The exclusive place of jurisdiction for both parties in respect of any disputes arising out of or in connection with the use of the Service is Frankfurt am Main.